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Full Diagnostics Eye Exam

This is the doctor’s recommended eye exam for all adults between 20-64yrs of age. It is recommended every 2yrs. It includes retinal pictures and optical coherence tomography.

Full Eye Exam

This is our basic eye exam. It is recommended every 2 years for every adult between the ages of 20-64yrs of ages. It includes retinal pictures.

OHIP Exams

OHIP covered basic eye exam. Children 19yrs and under, as well as adults 65yrs and over are covered for a routine eye exam 1 time every 1yr (12mths). Not covered by OHIP but recommended diagnostic tests for everyone are retinal pictures and optical coherence tomography.

Contact Lens Exam

We will show you how to put in and take out contact lenses, as well as go over proper care, cleaning, storage, replacement and wear schedule. We will provide you with a solution kit and a case. Also included is your initial fit exam and your two week check up with the optometrist.

The best for your eyes health

Diagnostic Tests

Optical Coherence Tomography

An Optical Coherence Tomography scan (commonly referred to as an OCT) is an established medical imaging technique, that is non-invasive. This diagnostic technique employs light rather than sound waves to achieve higher resolution pictures of the structural layers of the back of the eye.

Retinal Pictures

A fundus camera or retinal camera is a specialized low power microscope with an attached camera designed to photograph the interior surface of the eye, including the retina, retinal vasculature, optic disc, macula, and posterior pole.


Tonometry is a test to measure the pressure inside your eyes. It is used to screen for glaucoma.

Visual Field

A visual field is a non invasive test that measures your central and peripheral vision, and is used by your doctor to diagnose, determine the severity of, and monitor your glaucoma, or other visual disturbances. The most common visual field test uses a light spot that is repeatedly presented in different areas of your peripheral vision.

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